Our Model

We partner with schools in low-income communities across the United States to provide high school students (between the ages of 14-18) the chance to study abroad. Our students spend the school year rigorously preparing for their 2 week long summer trips.  Each trip has a specific academic focus, whether that is studying ecology in Costa Rica, or language in Spain. FLYTE provides funding for qualifying low-income students for the full cost of the program, and works with teachers to prepare a trip itinerary and academic plan that best suits their academic mission. Students are required to meet weekly work requirements in order to prepare for the trip, consisting of preparing blog posts, research projects, and presentations.

Ongoing training, communication, and preparation with teachers will happen between program selection and trip completion, along with re-entry and follow-up debriefings following the trip.

Teachers interested in applying for our Summer 2016 programs, please visit our application page.